Residential Rentals

No. 4, Bachelors Pad, Turkey. 500 Prims.

This compact but tastefully decorated small cottage is ready to just move in. Absolutely ideal for a single person or as a hangout to call your home and rez your objects. Comes complete with a free car! Just click on the rental box and follow the instructions.  Totally free, no rental cost.

Luxury Home, Turkey. 1000 Prims

This huge Minimalistic Compulsion House is unfurnished and ready for you to get creative. You will need the prim allowance as it is really large and will take time to furnish. If you have a lot of friends and want to impress then this is the home for you.  Just click on the rental box and follow the instructions. Totally free, no rental cost.

Holiday Villa, Turkey. 500 Prims.

A beautiful villa by the sea. A holiday retreat with a small garden, a tranquil place to relax and call home.  Tastefully decorated with quality furniture.

Villa Kader, Turkey

Luxury Accommodation at its best. This fully furnished bungalow is well presented and ideal for a couple. Features its own double garage in a central residential part of this region. Prims 500.

Kelebek House, Turkey. 500 Prims.

Kelebek House is a modest but spacious terraced house in a residential suburb. It comes fully furnished with a small garden and patio area.

Basic Bungalow, Istanbul. 500 Prims.

Basic starter home in Istanbul. Unfurnished. Choose your own windows and doors and then furnish it.  ( Choice of three available plots )

Villa Rose, Istanbul. 500 Prims.

This beautiful small house by the sea comes unfurnished for you to make your home. An ideal chill zone for the single person or couple. Prim allowance 500.

Bergona Villa, Istanbul, 1000 Prims.

Bergona Villa is unfurnished except for the Jacuzzi. However it does have its own pool and BBQ deck and comes with quite a large garden. By the sea and ready to move in. 1000 prims.


Bozcaada Lodge, Residential Region, 5000 Prims.

A beautiful wooden and stone summer retreat in the mountains with its own extensive gardens. This really is a stunning property and is offered unfurnished for you to decorate. Ideal for a small community or large family of friends.

Catamaran Home, Ada Region. 250 Prims.

Secluded Retreat and your very own Catamaran off shore with a generous prim allowance for you to create your own environment. If life on the ocean waves is for you then it doesn't get any better than this.

Happy Home by the Sea, Ada Region, 300 Prims.

A peaceful serene place to get away from it all. There is hardly ever anyone here so use it to chill out or chat with your best friends. Have fun and enjoy your stay.

Tiki House, Ada Region, 500 Prims.

Your very own Tiki house partially decorated for you to complete and improve. Situated by the sea on the small Ada region if you want peace and quiet and a hideaway retreat then this is probably for you.

Lake House Cottage, England, 500 Prims.

Currently this is the only rental property in England. A lovely stone cottage with furnishings ready to move in. Comes with a generous 500 prim allowance although you are probably not going to need it.

Laird’s Castle, Scotland, 500 Prims.

This is the home of the Laird, the Lord of the manor in Scotland. Ornate castle with its own garden area just waiting for the right person to claim it. Own your part of Scotland.

Woodcutters Cottage, Scotland, 500 Prims.

Deep in the depths of the forest, by the shoreline of Loch Humungus, is the Woodcutters cottage. A rural retreat for those looking for the simple life.

Elvin Cottage, Scotland, 500 Prims.

Beautifully ornate and furnished Elvin Cottage in the heart of the forest in Scotland. Plenty of room for improvement and some garden area outside. 500 Prims.

Welsh Manor House, Wales, 750 Prims.

The Welsh Manor House is a spacious property that is already part furnished and ready for you to complete to your own taste. Has a large garden and plenty of prims to play with. Currently this is the only residential property available in Wales.

Complete Region – Greenacres Region 10,000 Prims

Completely Free Region!!!! First come first served! This is our last free region on offer. After this only paid regions will be available.

Yes you heard right. We are offering a complete region homestead to any experienced builder or creator that wants to make something beautiful out of this large green square of land.

All you need to do is create something that fits with our current themed regions on the UKTurk Grid. Talk to us about what you want to do with it. This is ideal for a couple or a small group of friends who want their own hangout on the hypergrid.

You don't even need to register with the UKTurk Grid. You can use your current avatar. If you can get here then we can set you up. Talk to us now. Drop in and Chat to Emerelda Sunlight or send her an IM.

Commercial Rentals

Small Shop, London, 100 prims

Small Shop, Istanbul, 150 prims

Large two storey shop in Wales, 500 prims

Exhibition Centre, West Midlands, 1000 prims

Ideal for an Art Gallery or exhibition or museum. West Midlands is an industrial region so perhaps something dedicated to the Industrial Revolution? Generous Prim allowance 1000 prims.


Note: If you do see a building that you think you could improve or make use of then don’t hesitate to contact us.

You do not need to be a registered member of the UKTurk Grid in order to claim your free land or home. 

Renting or owning land is fairly straight forward on the UKTurk Grid. You will find Rental Boxes at locations where land is available to rent.  All you need to do is click on the box and register the rental in your name. This reserves it for you but we still need to set things up for you in order for you to have build permissions etc. 

Once you have the Rental box registered in your name you should send an IM to Emerelda Sunlight letting her know the location of the rental and the region on which you have claimed your land or home. Since IM's are often problematic across the hypergrid we strongly suggest that you send a Notecard or better still an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also please send an 'Add Friend' request to Emerelda Sunlight. 

We will then set up the land for you to purchase. Effectively this means that you will own the land. You have much better control with ownership but we do insist that you do not change the land structure, use overly heavy scripts or place annoying skyboxes over the land. The UKTurk Grid has selected properties on may of our regions where you can obtain a shop or home for any purpose provided it is legitimate and within the grids rules. There are no rental charges but you are expected to visit at least once a month or your rental or land will be re-claimed. We can meet up with you and guide you through this process if you prefer. 

If you take land or an existing building or set up a shop we ask that you take care to blend in with your current surroundings. If in doubt about a particular build then please don't hesitate to ask.

For the more ambitious creator or group of friends looking for a project then you might like to consider one of our empty regions with 10,000 prims. These are offered without charge for the right project that enhances the UKTurk Grid, so if you want to build a city or a medieval village etc then this might be just what you are looking for. Contact us to discuss. 



The UK Turk Grid is a self contained virtual world within the larger family of OpenSim which stand for Open Simulator. It is very much like Second Life. It uses the same technology. People flocking here from Second Life or the now defunct Inworldz grid might be disappointed to find that OpenSim does not seem to have very many users. Second Life has thousands of active users and a great number of busy clubs and role play regions but it costs more and it is very much a commercial environment. Many of the grids ( independent worlds within OpenSim ) are not for profit organisations like the two biggest grids Metropolis and OS Grid. 

Our grid is a great place for anyone looking to manage their own world or region within our grid. You decide who gets access to it, what content you put on it and you can use it to build your own creations safely without any fear of the grid owners stealing your objects. It is also very cost effective. A region in the UK Turk grid starts at just €5 ( 5 Euros ) against around $150 dollars in Second Life. That is a huge incentive. It is also why so many grids have builders and creators working away for 90% of the time on their own projects rather than socializing as they tend to do in Second Life.

If you have an Occulus Rift headset you can use this in any OpenSim world. If you come from Second Life or Inworldz then you pretty much already know how things work and it won't be completely alien to you. Even if you come from Active Worlds or Utherverse etc you will find many things are familiar to you and not very difficult to pick up. You can build things here. You can share projects with other people and build an entire community if you want. You can also backup and save your creations to be used later on another grid or even in Second Life. 

Perhaps the best aspect of Opensim is the hypegrid. The hypergrid links many of the OpenSim grids to each other in a similar way that websites are linked to each other by a url. The only difference is that you teleport to whichever destination you fancy visiting. This means that you can live on a quiet and peaceful grid like the UKTurk Grid and then when you feel like a change or you want to socialize you just teleport to another destination. There are so many destinations to choose from. The Hypergrid Directory is a good place to start. You can also find 

We are a small friendly team based in the UK and in Turkey so catch us in world if you need any help or are new to Opensim and we will try and help you as much as we can.  We won't steal your content and we currently have regions available for just €4 Euros ( $ 5 US dollars or £3.75 UK Sterling ). 






UKTurk Status

Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 25
Today visitors: 4
Online Now: 1
Hypergriders online: 1

UKTurk Regions

Region: Loc X: Loc Y:
Ada 1008 1006
Airport 1008 1004
Ankara 1006 1004
Boatyard 1008 1002
Canakkale 1006 1000
England 1004 1000
Fairview 1008 1009
Freebies 1004 1004
Greenacres 1000 1009
Haven 1006 1009
Hogwarts Forever 998 1006
Istanbul 1006 1006
Izmir 1006 1002
London 1002 1006
Motorworld 1000 1004
Oaklands 1002 1009
Pirates 1000 1002
Residential 1008 1000
SandBox 1000 1000
Scotland 1002 1000
Turkey 1004 1006
Wales 1002 1002
Welcome 1004 1002
West Midlands 1002 1004
Woodlands 1004 1009