Welcome Area

The Welcome area is where everyone first enters the world. There are billboards and signs that help you familiarize yourself with where everything is in the world. This is also a good place to meet people since they will always appear here by default if they are visiting the UKTurk Grid. From this start point you can visit the United Kingdom or Turkey just by clicking on the appropriate teleport board.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom region is the Welcome zone for all things British and the regions associated with this zone all have a British theme to them. Generally citizens from the UK will reside here or spend most of their time on their chosen region of this grid within the grid. We do hope that our Turkish friends will come and visit from time to time. Come and join us for a cup of team or coffee.


Welcome to Wales | Croeso i Gymru

This region features a huge Welsh Castle, a typical Welsh village street and some small shops. There is a visitor centre and a museum planned for the future. Work still in progress this region captures the feel of Wales and has some impressive mountains in the background. There is one shop available with free rental and a couple of houses.


As with the UK region this is the Welcome zone for all things Turkish and the regions associated with this zone all have a Turkish theme to them. Generally citizens from Turkey will reside here or spend most of their time on their chosen region of this grid within the grid. We do hope that our British friends will come and visit from time to time. Come and join us for a Turkish coffee or tea!


This region is completely dedicated to everything that is free. If you want freebies then this is where it is all at. The original Linda Kellie warehouse has been changed considerably. New items have been added and it has a fresh and vibrant feel about it. Gone is the old arched roof that used to cause so much lag and in with the new pastel coloured decoration. Like anything else in life, everything needs an upgrade once in a while. Just outside this huge mall is another freebies mall where you can take up your own shop and offer freebies or information office about your own grid or interests.


Motorworld is a complete region dedicated to transport. Probably one of the largest collections of vehicles in OpenSim can be found on this region. From trucks, buses to motorcycles there are several galleries available with a huge selection to choose from. Also a limited number of railway items. We have also just opened a Maritime region which houses many boats and yachts.


This is our sandbox region with its Builders Supply depot, a completely revamped version of the Linda Kellie store found on similar sandbox regions. 


Our London region features a full scaled down version of Buckingham Palace. In the distance you can see the Houses of Parliament and this London theme has a large communal square where people can meet and events can be held. There are a couple of shops available on this region but it is not suitable for residential use at present. This may change in the future.


Where East meets West that ancient city of Constantinople. This region does not truly reflect the grandeur of this ancient city but it does have plenty of residential plots and some shops for freebies or Turkish goods. Essentially if the theme is Turkish then it fits on this region. So, if you fancy a villa in Turkey then claim one of these plots for personal residential use. 

Hogwarts Forever

This is a large region with plenty of exploring to do. You start off at the large Hogwarts Hall and find your way into the magical Harry Potter version of London with its Harry Potter housing estate, shops, London theme and hidden away in the centre of the city you find the old world of magical mystery with its cobbled streets and quaint shops. You can lose yourself on this sim and take time out to explore the hidden places with plenty of surprises.

West Midlands

If you fancy living in the West Midlands and taking up residence there then we have residential housing and some shops available here. There are some old terraces houses and some rather grand Georgian properties. The leafy wooded areas make this quite a peaceful and harmonious place to hangout with a few friends. At some point in the near future this region is going to be re-worked but any existing properties that have tenants will be left alone.


This is the third largest city in Turkey with a population of around 4 million. It is very cosmopolitan and with easy access to the coastal areas. It is the second largest port after Istanbul. Our region has a small beach area, some shops and some very spacious luxury apartments. If you fancy taking up residence in a coastal resort then this might be just what you are looking for.


This region contains the enchanted forest with its hidden secrets and caves. There is a small woodcutters house and a strange castle. This beautiful natural and very scenic landscape depicts an era long ago. Lose yourself in the forest and explore. This is a nice peaceful place to hangout or explore with a friend.


Famous for its historic connection with Gallipoli ( Gelibolu ) this region of Turkey is green and full of olive groves. Water is plentiful here and it is predominantly an agricultural county. The Dardenelles, that all important and strategic strait has the city of Canakkale on the one side and the town of Eceabat on the other. The nearby island of Bozceada is a popular tourist destination and popular with locals from Istanbul. The ancient ruins of Troy are nearby.

Pirates Island

This rogue island is the devil's paradise. A dark and sinister place where the pirates and traders can dock their vessels and get up to no good. With its old wooden buildings and Caribbean landscape the ships in the harbor look ready to sail at a moments notice. There are no homes here and no shops to rent but it is a busy place and a step back in time.


The capital city of Turkey. This region does not show much of the modern city of Ankara and there are no homes or shops to rent here. However, if you want to see the impressive Anitkabir (literally, "memorial tomb") is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the leader of the Turkish War of Independence and the founder of modern Turkey. 

Free Land & Housing

As you travel around the other regions you will start to see the familiar rental box signs laid out on available land and properties. Just contact Uncle Hamdi or Emerelda Sunlight "inworld" or via our chat facility from within UKTurk Grid or directly from the menu of this website. This is sure to get someone's attention quickly.

Your own region on UKTurk Grid

If you would like to join us and have your own hosted region on the UKTurk grid then we can provide complete regions for as little as $5. Just visit our Order Region page from the menu of this website. There are plenty of options for you there.

Showcasing your region

If you have built something that you are proud of and want to be added to the teleport boards and this website then just click on the chat link and talk to us. In the meantime why not check out the regions not featured here like Ada, the remote and beautiful little island where you can just chill and chat to your closest friends. It is so remote that it seldom gets visitors. You will probably be the only ones there!

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UKTurk Regions

Region: Loc X: Loc Y:
Ada 1008 1006
Airport 1008 1004
Ankara 1006 1004
Boatyard 1008 1002
Canakkale 1006 1000
England 1004 1000
Fairview 1008 1009
Freebies 1004 1004
Greenacres 1000 1009
Haven 1006 1009
Hogwarts Forever 998 1006
Istanbul 1006 1006
Izmir 1006 1002
London 1002 1006
Motorworld 1000 1004
Oaklands 1002 1009
Pirates 1000 1002
Residential 1008 1000
SandBox 1000 1000
Scotland 1002 1000
Turkey 1004 1006
Wales 1002 1002
Welcome 1004 1002
West Midlands 1002 1004
Woodlands 1004 1009