Professional Hosting

In case you were wondering you might be re-assured that your regions will be hosted professionally on dedicated servers with blindingly fast support by our superstar techie wizard Nick who pretty much runs the show and is always tinkering around with things under the bonnet to make sure that everything works well. And it does run well. With his enthusiasm and team of helpers you will struggle to find regions that run as fast and trouble free as these.

Nick's eight-year experience in opensim and seventeen years of programming experience puts this service ahead of the game in providing you with your own place in opensim. Go on we challenge you. See how fast you can be up and running and order your region(s) today.

Send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quick response and start your journey towards owning your own region(s) on the UKTurk Grid


For a limited time we are offering an 8000 prim region for the incredible price of $5 a month! If you need a region up and running quickly for a low price of just $5 then you have come to the right place! Order your region now!

We offer some of the best land prices on the hypergrid ! For a limited time, at UKTurkgrid, we will build your region with no setup fee. Perhaps unique to our grid are "Mega Regions" No more hassles with sim crossings on large estates! We offer volume discounts on advance payments up to three months in advance, so you do not have to worry about your land payments if you go on holiday. However, since all land payments are non refundable, we recommend that you rent for one month at first to make sure that the land suits your needs. You may use your private region for residential, commercial, or gaming purposes, subject to the Terms of Service. Let us know if there is a different configuration of regions that do not appear in the list below and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Your PayPal statement will show payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Light Use Full Sim 20,000 prims with Price Per month.

Usually available within 10 min of purchase.

256 x 256 $10.00
512 x 512 $15.00
768 x 768 $30.00
Light Sim 20.000 Prims

Standard Full Sim 256x256m 30,000 prims.

Usually available within 10 min of purchase.

1 month lease $20.00
2 month lease $37.00
3 month lease $55.00 

4 X Full Sim 512x512m 100,000 prims.

These may take up to 5 min to create.
1 month lease $45.00
2 month lease $85.00
3 month lease $120.00 

Load And Save Oar Iar.

These may take up to 5 min to create.
Save Oar $5.00
Load Oar $5.00
Save Iar $3.00
Load Iar $3.00

Desired Region Name

The default configuration on all regions is flat land over the whole area 21 meters high. Sea level is 20 meters. As a full region owner, you can terriform the land any way that you like. Special terrain configurations, such as a water region are available on request for no extra charge. If you buy a standard sim with a thought to a future upgrade to a Mega Region, construct your build with thoughts to future expansion to the northeast.

Give some thought as to what you want to do with your region. Remember this is a UK and Turkish themed grid and although you might want to create a country specific region of your own and act as ambassador for your chosen country we probably would not like to see lots of child avatars running around or regions with adult content or vampires running around trying to bite people.

For builders we make our position very clear. The content is your content. We are not interested in stealing your creations. What you build here is yours to take and do what you please with. What you import however you take full responsibility for. Our sandbox region has some great starter items for builders.

Thank you for choosing UKTurk Grid as your home on the hypergrid. We look forward to seeing you "inworld"








UKTurk Status

Grid Status: Online

UKTurk Regions

Region: Loc X: Loc Y:
Ada 1008 1006
Airport 1008 1004
Ankara 1006 1004
Boatyard 1008 1002
Canakkale 1006 1000
England 1004 1000
Freebies 1004 1004
Hogwarts Forever 998 1006
Istanbul 1006 1006
Izmir 1006 1002
London 1002 1006
Motorworld 1000 1004
Pirates 1000 1002
Residential 1008 1000
SandBox 1000 1000
Scotland 1002 1000
Turkey 1004 1006
Wales 1002 1002
Welcome 1004 1002
West Midlands 1002 1004